CK Architecture Submission to "House in Luanda" Competition for Lisbon Trienale

A House in Luanda was the title of the international  competition for a model house in Luanda, Angola for a maximum cost of 34,000 Euro.  The idea of the design is to utilize concrete sanitation pipes as the main elements of the housing element.  The remaining elements will be added by stacked bags of earth and other simple building methods that can be performed by the inhabitants.


CK Architecture in collaboration with Christopher Monger Achieves Long List at Greenpeace Airplot Contest

CK Architecture in collaboration with Christopher Monger got onto the "long list" at Greenpeace's Airplot Heathrow Contest.  Greenpeace UK had been looking for ideas how to prevent the construction of a new runway at Heathrow.  To this end, they bought a plot of land together with international celebrities and thousands of people from around the world.  The contest's goal was to gather ideas to make the land defendable and to win the political campaign against the runway.

CK Architecture's entry called Boedecia's Bosom consists of two tumuli that evoke Celtic mysticism by portrayng the Celtic Queen Boedecia's bosom who defeated the Romans in 60 AD.  While the tumuli would be planted with wildflowers during the campaign, they would also allow shelter for activists.  After the campaign has been won, the tumuli will be filled with manure and compost and eventually transformed into a giant grove of oak trees.

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